Story of Mauricio Osorio

Oct, 11, 2011 - Sarah Nardone

Mauricio Osorio tells how music has created social change at an individual and community level in Colombia.

Mauricio Osorio is the lead singer of the Colombian band De Bruces a mi, winner of the Fair Play Anticorruption competition 2011.

« I owe music everything »

A reggae music fan since he discovered Bob Marley, Mauricio Osorio made the rhythms and philosophy of the latter his owns, following them in his daily life. Born in Florencia, a northwestern district from the Colombian city of Medellin, Mauricio grew up in the nineties when violence was ubiquitous. “Growing up, the youth believes that the only way to cope with life is a gun and a motorbike”. Unfortunately this reality still pictures most young people’s ordinary lives. Orphan and resentful towards his social condition and environment, Mauricio turned this frustration into creative energy when he discovered Bob Marley ‘ s music and meaningful words and rhythms at 14 years old. Realizing that they shared the same social difficulties, Mauricio found an innovative way to escape his environment, music.

His weapons, words and sounds, proved to be very efficient! “I realized that poverty was not a fatality, you can choose to be stronger to pull through” said Mauricio “Each of us has the power to do what he wants. In our soul is our strength, if we use this energy, change is possible”. Indeed Mauricio’s music is first of all a demonstration that there exists pacific ways to escape a difficult environment, and that everyone has the capacity in himself to escape. “Be responsible for who we are and what we think and fight for one’s free mind ». Mauricio sings people‘s  “ Power of Soul” (in his eponymous song) to face a society where corruption became  a “part of the country’s culture”, a sweet tyranny that became a custom and obstacle in a resourceful country. De Bruces a Mi ‘s music deals with a wasted stolen youth in Colombia” The magnitude of slavery/ Left deep scars in your youth/Freedom that you can know spread/ Makes you smile, you don’t want to look behind” and the solutions young people /blossom have in them” Your will doesn’t know any flaw/ Your dreams are powerful/ And can’t be destroyed/ Be aware of that and begin to live them”. The songs of De Bruces A Mi have inspired many teenagers in Medellin where Reggae music became a part of the city’s identity. Many people thanked the band for showing them other paths that violence and criminality “ This is the most fulfilling part of my work” confesses Mauricio


In 2010, De Bruces A Mi won the music video anticorruption Fair Play competition with their song “Soy una roca/ I am a rock”. They had the opportunity to perform in Nairobi, Kenya, for the second annual form of the GYAC (Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network). “It was our first time out of Colombia, we have never thought that music will lead us to Africa!”  The hope that Mauricio’s music places in youth was justified at a global level when he met at this event young people devoting themselves to the fight against corruption in their country.” It was a beautiful rewarding experience, and very special because we met people from all over the world. It is a real demonstration of hope, because we saw young people, even younger than us, who put their heart and soul to improve the condition of youth in their country”. “Our experience with JMI has been a turning point in our career, we gained recognition”. Recognition that benefits to all their community: the member of the music band is currently working on a workshop project to help their friend who left their work at the factory to work in music so that they never have come back to it.
Mauricio Osorio gave all its meaning to the “I and I” of its master, challenge succeeded!

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