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International Anti-Corruption Day 2011

Dec, 12, 2011 - Sarah Nardone

Corruption is a global challenge affecting the lives of millions and limiting human and economic development, peace building, and democracy. Corruption severely impacts youth around the world, undermining their potential to initiate and realize positive change. The Arab Spring and the “indignés” movement demonstrate the urgency of change towards transparency in society, politics and business, in order to enable sustainable development and unlock the creative and innovative potential of youth and civil society at large.

With nearly a fifth of the world’s population between 15 and 24 years old, International Anti-Corruption Day, designated as December 9 by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2003 to raise awareness about corruption, is an occasion to highlight the efforts of young people in the fight against corruption throughout the past year.

Musicians, as social activists and civic spokespeople, play a key role in this fight. Fair Play Anti-Corruption Youth Voices, a non-profit initiative developed in partnership by the JMI Foundation, the World Bank Institute, and the Global Anti-Corruption Youth Network encourages young artists to engage in the anti-corruption movement through its annual anti-corruption music video competition.

To mark International Anti-Corruption Day 2011, Fair Play releases the following video, featuring some of the international artists who’ve lent their voice to the anti-corruption movement in 2011.

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