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Sep, 04, 2012 - Kate Declerck

75 videos from 35 countries were submitted to the 3rd edition of the Fair Play global music video competition for original songs by young bands (18-35 years) on the theme of anti-corruption, presented by the JMI Foundation, the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network and the World Bank Institute.

The JMI Foundation is proud to announce the winners of this year’s competition:

1st: Youssra El Hawary  (Cairo, Egypt) - ‘El Soor (The Wall)’
Released in April 2012, with lyrics by political cartoonist and poet Waleed Taher, El Soor features the 29 year old Youssra El Hawary in front of a graffiti covered wall, one of the many erected by the army to block the passage between Muhammad Mahmoud street and Tahrir Square and downtown Cairo. The humoristic style of El Hawary’s approach exemplifies the strength of young revolutionaries in Egypt and around the world, who refuse to be intimidated and defeated by obstacles placed in their paths.

2nd: SIMPONI (Jakarta, Indonesia) - ‘Vonis (Verdict)’
The video highlights the conflict Indonesian youth face in being torn between two historical realities: a patriotic history of Indonesia’s young founding fathers and mothers, and the contemporary reality of corrupt politicians and officials eroding the people’s promise in the future. Within this context, Vonis serves as a call for unity and action: “We are making a movement / We are not a silent generation / Share your wild imagination / We are building a revolution”. Watch Video

3rd: S3 (Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo) - ‘Conscience’
In ‘Conscience’ S3 speaks about how international interests in the resources of DR Congo are protected above the interests and human rights of civilians, highlighting the hypocrisy of foreign policy and aid, and calling for global awareness and consciousness. Watch Video

Public Vote: Dr. Sley & Da Green Soljas (Buea, Cameroon) - ‘Down by the Riverside’
‘Down by the Riverside’ was the number 1 voted video by Fair Play supporters, receiving 15,666 votes. The song points to the involvement of various groups in perpetuating corruption within our societies, from police, to religious leaders, doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers, drug dealers, and tax collectors, calling on individuals to stop their corrupt ways. Watch Video

As winners, Youssra El Hawary, SIMPONI, and S3 will join 1,500 + anti-corruption activists from around the globe as participants of the 3rd Voices Against Corruption Forum (5-6 Nov) organized by the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network and the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference (7-10 Nov) organized by Transparency International, and will perform live 10 Nov at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center (CCUG) in Brasilia, Brazil.

We wish to thank the international Fair Play jury, all the participants, project partners, and supporters for their collaboration and continued efforts in the fight against corruption.

View over 200 anti-corruption music videos by artists from around the world and support the global campaign:

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