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All Styles Welcome Photo Exhibition

Jul, 11, 2011 - Kate Declerck

All Styles Welcome captures the artists both on and offstage during the 2011 pre-selection rounds and finals in Francophone and Flemish Belgium, portraying the energy backstage, the relationships between band members, the mounting nerves, the symbiosis between participants and their instruments, and culminating onstage moments.

View the photographs exhibited June/July 2011 at Botanique in Brussels here:

Aluminum Dibond prints available for sale, proceeds to support the JMI Foundation, contact

Bea Uhart was born in England in 1979, moved to France a year later and lived in London, Milan and Montreal before moving to Brussels 5 years ago. She works as a freelance photographer across Belgium, specializing in portraiture and reportage.

Bea uses photography as her medium of expression as cameras allow her to create spontaneous drafts and capture her version of truth as it unfolds. She aims to contribute to the building blocks of a people-driven society and creates images that allow people to forge their own relationships with her subjects. She photographs what she loves best and uses ambient light and natural scenes to mould a universe which incorporates her subjects into her own perception of their truth.

Peter De Jongh, a Belgian freelance photographer, trained at the academy for Photo-Art in Mol, he focuses on documentary and coverage work. He is the official photographer of Imagine (Flanders).

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