Our Mission

Music is a driving force for human development on a global scale, strengthening social cohesion between diverse communities, and on an individual level - empowering people by amplifying their voice in society and building self-esteem.

Music is a universal language enriched by cultural diversity - a unique tool that transcends geographical and social borders to promote universal values such as respect, understanding and unity. Music encourages the appreciation and preservation of humanity’s diverse cultural heritage and facilitates dialogue among people, serving to break down stereotypes, prejudices and tensions that act as roadblocks to development, peace building and democracy.

The creative industries (those sectors such as music, performing arts, visual art and other concerned with the creation, production, distribution and consumption of creative goods) not only make a valuable contribution to the social development of our communities, they are among the most dynamic and fastest-growing sectors of the global economy, providing employment for millions and boosting revenue and trade.

The JMI Foundation is an international non-profit organization, the charitable arm of Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI) which has operated for over 60 years with the goal of ‘Making a Difference through Music.’

The JMI Foundation works to support the well-being, social cohesion, and economic development of our communities by delivering music programs for youth globally. Determined to bring about improved living standards of youth from all walks of life, the work of the JMI Foundation demonstrates the transformative power of music and the positive social change that can be realized when the needs of youth are addressed, and their creative and innovative potential unlocked.